FPM and Bassil corruption Files - Gathering data and info

Do you believe Bassil is corrupt

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    Votes: 21 42.9%
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    Votes: 20 40.8%
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    Votes: 8 16.3%

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Around 25:40
He mentions that she follows him on twitter
She strikes him with ‘yes, apparently i’m a Zionist’
Bala3 ri2o for few seconds

That was so Beautiful to watch
One of the biggest lies is that they retreated to let the experts run the country. While in fact, the Uprising forced them to this after they were trying to keep their government.

Moreover, he waited all those years to realize that he should retreat? It's a blunt and shameful confession that he is a failure who should leave his place for others.

If he is not an expert holding a responsibility using his expertise, then what is he good for?
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  • coralie


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    If anyone have solid proof he/she should present them to the justice . Of course the forum is open to all your bric a brac still the justice is the right place for solid real documents .


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    I don't want to accuse anyone
    But someone please contact mo7ami el 3ahd wadih Akl and ask him to submit an ekhbar

    CEDRUS Bank buys bonds from central bank then instantly sells them back at a higher rate.