Politicians Gaby Issa - Lebanon ambassador to the US


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Ma 3emil shi
Ba3doun the corrupt reigning supreme and he didn’t do anything to expose any of them
You seriously think he had the intention to fight corruption?

I thought you were talking about Aoun for a second.
At least Trump sanctioned one of the biggest corruption lords in Lebanon and another 2 weaklings
Way more than Aoun ever did.
Very soon InshAllah when we defeat the Jewry and enter Galilee, you will be arrested for your commitment to the Jewry. You will be then automatically handed to @GrumpForTrump to make you his first toy, I mean concubine.


This is me ? Please taste ? it Grumpy
Enter Galilee my ass ; you are bombed day and night by Israel in Syria ( 70 killed. a few days ago and you don’t dare respond) Sulaymani was killed plus all your science nuclear experts including your chief scientist who was head of research and vice minister of defense for the nuclear ☢️
The pure gentil and Israeli are much stronger than you
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