Gebran Bassil - Head of FPM, Leader of the Strong Lebanon Bloc and Former Minister of Foreign Affairs


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Wow, they clearly were very violent with her which made her forget her Arabic and speak to the audience in English. They also are clearing stealing her wifi connection which is impacting her uploading bandwidth.
While I don’t put it past any of these politician goons to beat a woman, she doesn’t strike me as a credible victim. is there no footage of the incident?
Full disclosure, I stopped listening after 2 minutes


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safaa darwich

يلّي صار اليوم بالبترون حنشوف منّو كتير من هون للإنتخابات، وشفنا منّو كتير من 17 تشرين لليوم.
ناشطين مستقلّين مش مع حدا ( مثلا قوّات) حيكونو انتحاريين في سبيل مشروع اقصائي نهايتو متل ما كانت دايمًا، خاسرة

Joe tayyar

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Min el ekhir, if geagea or any other political leader is having lunch in a resto with his wife and family, and one of the aounists approached and start swearing at them, inshallah bi da3iwsoo w ykassroo!


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Well I don't give sh*t about Bassil getting harassed by a lady.
But the issue is that Lebanese in general are a bunch of cowards and hypocrites.... they attack Bassil and FPM relentlessly bc they have no militia and they are known to be non-violent.
Once we see Lebanese attacking Jumblat G3g3 Berri and Hariri or even Wahab or Jamil el Sayed the same way they do with Gebran then we will all applaud them.