Gebran Bassil - Head of FPM, Leader of the Strong Lebanon Bloc and Former Minister of Foreign Affairs


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Donc M. Simon admet que le BHIM a fait une erreur de signer l’accord de TAEF.
I think this has been settled long ago; I doubt anyone still argues about it
The whole fight was absurd and the events (PS I lived them) clearly showed that Geagea was contracted to do the job

PS. for the record and the historical accuracy he told him
إن ربحت سلمت وإن خسرت سلمت

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We are the continuity of our history:
- You have to know the past for understanding the present. Carl Sagan
- To know your future you must know your past. George Santayana
- To build the future you have to know the past. Otto frank
And on and on
All this sages said that we are following The others experiences in life not to be lost.
In Jesus we believe the Almighty Son of GOD who is God and the Holy Spirit this is the experience of our Ancestors.
Intelligent people learn from the past errors for not doing it again.

Since the Phoenicians kingdoms till now we repeat the history errors.
Nice majousi future you're building for Lebanon buddy.

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العظيم جبران باسيل انهى الحريرية السياسية في لبنان :cool:
Yeah, right. It was Geagea's accomplishment. The majousi puppets talk the talk, LF walks the walk.

Once Hariri decided to become a doormat for the majousis, he became persona non grata in KSA. Hariri betrayed LF and Lebanon First cause and he suffered for it.