News General Michel Aoun elected President of the Lebanese Republic


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Congratulations and good luck to us.



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the astiiz didn't say "no3len intikhab Michel Aoun ra2issan lel joumhouriat al loubnaniat"...he couldn't say it :D

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Congratulations to all FPMers and to President Aoun (henceforth known as PMA).

This day is the closure of an era and with luck will help restoring hope to all Lebanese and Christians in particular, and remind that Lebanon is your country and home.

Have to admit, did not think Aoun would see the presidency until very recently. Persistence has paid off.


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Mabrouk ya kbir.

My FPM days are long behind me and i find it very hard to identify with what you have become but I can't but wish you well.
If it were up to us you would've been president 26 years ago, then again 11 years ago, but the mafia couldn't allow that. They fought up until their last dying breath, and please let this be the last charade they pull at the expense of our people.
Please prove us wrong, prove that there is still hope to reform that rotten system from within.
You've lived your whole life serving this country, and it's time you get some recognition for it.