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News General Michel Aoun elected President of the Lebanese Republic



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incredible show me one dossier where ha did something in their ministries abt corruption or helped fpm win a battle over corruption.

ya habib el alb ma fi wizara that fpm took over that wasnt overhauled, made more effective and fought over to be taken by the other players every time.
min ken bado wizaret el ta2a abl fpm? min ken bado wizaret el kharjiye? answer me

where is the political forve and spearheading party that should represent all the points you just wrote abt the thouwar?
there is absolutly nothing, zilch, nada, nichts...

people were sent on the street to scream by the powers that be without any direction. any other protest movement in the world saw a clear set of ideals and leaders come out of them to drive political reform and create a new political force.
except in lebanon.
i have been asking people to explain to me why is that, no answer till now. in exactly 1 month it will be the first anniversary of the protests.
so much wasted time and energy for absolutely noting.
am sorry no not nothing a couple if politicians were cornered in restaurants :D
Eh.. ok. I see. You're explaining to me what you think is happening, while what is happening is not what you think is happening. eh, i have no problem with that..
I doubt very much you know what you are talking about. You are supporting them? According to your knowledge, who exactly are those "them" you support to pressure the ruling authority? Are they the Lebanese Folks Movement Sans Frontieres, shia-sunni-christian-durzi united from Akkar to Bent Jbeil through Rass Beirut, Sawfar and Aley? Or are they the few scattered and whistle-blow gathered behorned goats of Bekfayya, Jall el dib, Trablous, Me3rab, Mazra3a and Tari2 el Jdideh, expressing their me33azehs utmost bitterness for being so outmaneuvered in the farm?

Also do you know who or what the ruling authority is? Clearly you have no clue. Is it the toothless president, the new yet unformed government or the sectarian and partisan mafia gnawing the institutions from the inside, dominated by mainly few family Dons, like the Don Berri, Don Joumblat, Don Hariri and over them the towering Don HA acting through its inter-regional cartel?

It is sickening to watch these screaming and burning apes banging their heads against Aoun's presidency, Bassil and FPM when in reality they are targeting the so called christian cover those people are accused of offering HA. Tayyib, 2eza el bouncing chimps hal2add mhayyajin, and to a certain extent rightfully, against HA's armed status and its douweileh inside the dawleh, why not take the quick shortcut and marsh on straight to da7yeh to throw some stones against HA's headquarter there instead of FPM's in Mirna el Shelou7i? Huh?
Really I don't care who they are, or who leads them. It's chaotic revolution, with many different movements. They don't have a leader, and that's one of the reasons why I think they won't reach their main objectives. But I don't care about that. I care about their impact. That impact is evident when president Aoun suggested representing them in the government, when Hariri was forced by them to resign, and when Nasrallah became a regular TV personality. Forcing the Sulta to not become complacent and pressuring them into action is good enough.
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    What a useless speech at the UN !
    In a word is was trying to beg for help and trying to show that the country will get back. He should have ONLY ASKED for the return of the refugees, direct talks with Israel and support to remove the Lebanese system.

    He again wasted an opportunity.
    General Aoun needs to make a U TURN and either leave or name someone who will replace him. We can’t anymore have speeches that do not lead anywhere


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    الرئيس عون قال كلمته و ضرب عل طاولة و من له أذنان فليسمع

    فهمو أبعاد كلامه قبل ما تعلّقو يا كلاب آخر زمن​
    God Bless Him!
    Without his wisdom the country would have been in a full fledged civil war by now. Too much ignorance running around for the people to appreciate God's gift they are abusing and rejecting...
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