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Germany bans Hezbollah - conducts raids


countries led by whores are sold very cheap.

Well, perhaps if Hezbollah had been more convincing to all these countries, they wouldn’t have blacklisted the group as a terrorist organization.

But when you’re only capable of castigating the other party as immoral in response to backlash, you’re going to end up being ignored by everybody else.


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countries led by whores are sold very cheap.

your party declared war against Serbs long time ago ,.. dont you remember your turbanator mullah when he declared that he was fighting in Bosnia with his mujaheddin brothers of alqaeda against serbs ?

it is generous that serbs didn't did this move since 1991 ...
guess what .. in this war the israeli were more politically correct (apparently ) while mossad was trying to evacuate the jews and open for them the immigration routes...

is good from time to time your mullah make an autocritic and ask himself ... "where we did wrong "

if you finance a news paper like al akhbar to take some leftist position , tat doesn't make you politically leftist or put you in axis with leftist countries ...


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I already showed by A+B how retarded you are.

About serbians, they already sold their leaders. the ones that you often praise. So go count your fairy tales of gauche caviar to someone else.