WC2018 Group H (Poland, Senegal, Colombia, Japan)

Who will be the top 2 in this group?

  • Poland

  • Senegal

  • Colombia

  • Japan

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  • Muki

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    Japanese fans after the game cleaning their part of the stadium..
    the civilisation is in simple gestures...

    One of my favorite videos out of this world cup.

    They teach them that starting from elementary school (maybe even earlier!).


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    Senegal and Japan tied 2-2.

    Colombia leads Poland 1-0 @ 66 min. I hope they tie! If they do, then the standings in the group will be:
    Japan - 4
    Senegal - 4
    Poland 1
    Colombia - 1

    It will make match 3 in the group so exciting. If Poland and Colombia can snatch a win, then all 4 in the group will tie at 4 points.


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    By Falcao
    Colombia leads 2-0

    Sad for my hopes but good for football!


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    On what basis Japan is 2nd and thus qualified ??

    UPDATE: a colleague told me that they got less yellow cards than the Sénégal, this is why they ended 2nd