Growth of Technology - With or Against?


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The growth of technology is one of the most debatable topics. Some people refer to it as a disaster while some see it as a blessing. Needless to say that we live in the age of technology and it has become an important part of our life.

Actually it is well known that technology can improve our lives by improving efficiency for business for example, it allows us saving time (as we will be able to complete a task in lesser time). Technology can assure better communication and this even between persons belonging to different parts of the world.

But on the other hand some disadvantages of technological advancements can be noted: The extreme dependability is one example. People are becoming more and more dependent on technology for almost every task. Technology is expensive and not affordable for everyone. Some people think that it can lead to a shortage of human jobs by replacing the tasks of human beings.

Being overly connected can even cause psychological issues such as:

  • Distraction
  • Narcissism
  • Expectation of instant gratification
  • Depression
Besides over connected persons can see their mental health affected.

The use of technology can also have negative repercussions on physical health causing, vision problems, hearing loss and neck strain.

with or against?

Ralph N

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I am not against evolution, and evolving in technology but the direction in which we chose to go in this matter is very dangerous, we can definitely do better...


Modern technology is a reflection of a human fixation with understanding the universe solely in respect to its material and physical characteristics.

So what we have today is humans getting together to spend billions of dollars in paper currency; expending several years of time and physical/mental energy in building a gigantic aluminum box; just so other humans can pay exorbitant fees and eat fake food (I never ride economy); with there always being the possibility that they could fall 700 feet from the sky or get vaporized and enveloped by toxic fumes.

And here I’m thinking that all you needed to do was utilize and manipulate your mental and vibrational energies vis a vis the outside universe in order to teleport yourself instantaneously to your desired location. But whatever floats your boat.


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Problem is... Most haven't built responsible technology or physically-integrated technology. You can build something like the Wii Remote and encourage physical activity. And something like an e-ink screen and not hurt eyes with blue light. And something like Pokemon Go and have people walk around and lose weight.

Smart phones are not phones anymore. And are meant to distract you in every way and blast you with colors and graphics. While Dating Apps are not meant for dating anymore. But for hookups and instant gratification.

So the problem is not with technology itself. But human nature bundled with consumerism. We need to build less addictive and more integrated technology that doesn't interfere with the natural order of things. As we humans, whether we like it or not, are only slightly better than Chimpanzees and can easily fall for addiction and laziness.