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Gunman takes hostages in what seems to be a terrorist attack - south of France


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Actually you are absolutely correct.

Compare two USA events - one has happened in February in Florida and another has happened last week in Maryland.

And yet you'd rather die and/or sacrifice your children in the name of faulty ideology then live and be happy.
I imagine Israel where terrorist quickly gets neutralized by nearest citizen with firearm - maybe it is not LaPierre who is stupid, but you?
Says the person who casually brings up two of many mass shooting events... to prove there is less gun violence in the US than France, looooool!
LaPierre utters stupidities, but he’s not the one who’s stupid, far from that, it’s his *****es who repeat it that are :):):):):)!


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As opposed to the US where mass shooters are clearly deterred by wide spread gun ownership... No such event ever happens in the US, wouldn't you know it.
Maybe some people here (not you) should refrain from stupid comments and honour the Lt cl of the Gendarmerie who offered himself as a hostage to release the civilians and died today from his wounds.

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French Politician Arrested For Tweet Celebrating Policeman's Death

Un ex-candidat Insoumis placé en garde à vue après s'être réjoui de la mort d'Arnaud Beltrame