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Happy Valentine's Day



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To all those who love has stung

طبعت بوساتي على المكتوب
مطرح ما حمرة عليه علمتي
و لما كبست عا حمرة البتدوب
حسيت عا تمي أنا كبستي
و بلشت عا وراق لقريتها دوب
شمم بقايا رزاز سوستني
و إحلم نجمع ببعض ل قلوب
و صير الحبر و الورقة إنتي

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  • Orangina


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    According to historians Valentine's day is a successor of the ancient Roman feast of Lupercalia dating Back to 300 BC. Every yeae between Feb 13 and Feb 15 the romans engaged in celebrations and rituals to honor the coming spring.

    In the 5th century AD, pope Gelasius I decided to expel the pagan holiday and replace it with a day for the celebration of a martyr called Valentine, who was executed by Emperor Claudius II.

    In modern history the first card that was ever sent on Valentine was sent by Duke of Orleans Charles


    in the 18th century the holiday began reassembling it modern consumer oriented incarnation. The marketing machines of many companies are turning their wheels to lure more and more customers into celebrating the holidays and convince them to purchase valentines for their loved ones.

    Valentine is therefore more associated with materials things nowadays

    Happy Valentine


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    Happy Valentine's Day fellow ORoomers!

    We will be backpacking in Joshua Tree National Park this weekend.
    Thawra # Furoshima

    Thawra # Furoshima

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    I don't miss dukes...
    dukes are like clouds.. when they go away it is a brighter day

    your grace
    Show respect to your Aristocratic Lords
    Or else you will be a true orange 🍊 cut in 3 in the name of the father the son and the Holy Spirit