Hassan Diab Government [IMF Negotiations Officially Underway]


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توصّلنا والرئيس برّي الى اقتراح قانون الكابيتل كونترول لضبط تحويل الأموال الى الخارج؛ انّ اقراره سيمنع التحاويل الاستنسابية مستقبلاً،ولكن ماذا عمّا سبق حين حُرم اللبنانيون من سحب ودائعهم؟نحن قدّمنا قانوناً لاستعادة التحاويل ونأمل اقراره في الجلسة المقبلة،وننتظر لنرى من معه


Besides, even if Berri is corrupt, whether directly or indirectly through his cronies, there is no structure in Lebanon to fight corruption or state corruption. When the thieves cant be held accountable, and you expect them to fight corruption, you are chasing shadows. Berri is by law untouchable. Neither Hezballah nor the FPM can touch him legally; I'm not mentioning the fact that he has an army of supporters that will willingly burn the country and fight you if you dare touch him or target him without legal framework. And sadly you cant put Berri on trial. He has legal immunity. You cannot prosecute an MP or govt and state officials. What you basically want is for two parties to fight themselves in order to please you and in the process destroy themselves to your joy. Even if Berri is guilty, I wont want the only two and most powerful Shia parties to fight themselves in a sectarian country. If we the people cant force and work for laws in the fight against corruption, it isnt the unity of another sect and their blood that would be shed to please your urges. It isnt like you have the interests of Hezballah, or the Shia as whole. You may just be another sectarian bigot who's entire problem with corruption is the fact that leaders from another are the ones stealing and not leaders from your own sect. And this is a major problem. When each community turns the blind eye to corruption by it's own leaders, the country will end up bankrupt one day. I am sure you have many corrupt people and thieves in your own sect. Emulate my steps and ask for laws that will enable their trial in a court of law. Dont you after all want a state? The state, not Hezballah, should be responsible in fighting corruption. These people accused of corruption are Lebanese, not Israehellis. Hezballah isnt responsible to bring Lebanese people to justice. The state we all belong to is responsible.
This is all a wet dream of blind die-hard proponents of "the Law". What is practically happening is our justice system is incapable of judging the corruption charges because they are politically covered. Why doesn't the judge our judges even look in the case? Well for fear of their careers and to an extent their very lives.

What is left is for Parliament, which is in reality the myriad parties that are configured between the old lines of March 8 and March 14, to vote for a law that combats corruption in some way.

The President of the Parliamemt decides what will be voted. Berri will never allow such a law to pass and will leverage his position as a sectarian Shia Warboss and Mafia lord because he knows HA will not allow their ally to be rightfully prosecuted.

NOW do you understand why HA has to make the initiative? We all agree that it's through legal and legislative means. I can't believe we even DEBATE or MENTION that it should be thus done.

Sadly, Berri, Jumbi, Hariri and other corrupted thugs will band together and muster the necessary parliamentary majority to not allow such a Law to pass.

HA is compacent in the corruption and are fully aware of it. They just are happy with the Status quo :/

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Imagine thinking Lebanon can still be saved. We are heading towards famine, and no one will help us. Other countries have their own issues because of COVID-19. CEDRE won't happen and the IMF's job is to keep countries permanently indebted.


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اهضم شي وقت مناقشة إقتراح قانون تحديد آلية التعيين في الفئة الاولى بيوقف رئيس حكومة سابق وبيعمل مطالعة عن عدم دستورية الاقتراح ووقت التصويت بيرفع ايدو وبيصوِّت عليه


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Salem Zahran attacked the Telecom minister earlier and...