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Breaking Head of Nissan - Carlos Ghosn has been arrested for fraud

Is the arrest of Carlos Ghosn

  • Political

    Votes: 4 26.7%
  • Normal he is corrupted

    Votes: 5 33.3%
  • He is like a lot of Lebanese corrupted

    Votes: 6 40.0%
  • A shame to Lebanon

    Votes: 3 20.0%

  • Total voters
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  • mrsrx

    Newish Member
    Orange Room Supporter
    Whats with us everywhere we are linked with corruption, topped by lebanese politicians in brazil.
    sarkozy affairs in france all linked with lebanese connections in africa as well as fillon gifts were from a lebanese...
    ego and greed along with the every man for himself mentality ...alone they tend to get ahead put the same on a table of 128 and you get a country in denial of being bankrupt and shitty in every measurable way