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Holiday Spirit: What Are Your Favorite Christmas Songs?

Dr. Strangelove

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With Christmastime nearing and our spirits in desperate need of some lifting, I'd like to start a series of threads to help us feel a tiny bit of that Christmas cheer.

Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without proper Christmas music, in all its unashamed sentimentality and cheesy glory. What are the Christmas songs that make your heart squirm with nostalgia, and your mind forget its worries for a brief, magical moment? It could be the most popular song on the radio, a funny ironic number or something of an unknown gem you'd like to tell people about.

I'm not a big Coldplay fan, but their song "Christmas Lights" has that special something. Makes me all warm inside.



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It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Also, I think not many people know this one but Fairuz's Subhan Al Kalima gives me goosebumps. There's an ethereal beauty to it.


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Those are not really Christmas songs, Myso.
And Majida el Roumy is annoying.
Ya "nab3 el m7abbi" is a good example of how annoyingly high-pitched her voice is.