How do you think other members look like?


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Ha ha ha I m your fantasy know
No Muki
I m taller and I m a gentleman
I will never say that to ladies

It's a joke bro.
This reminds me of my cousin (Republican too) who we joke has anger management issues. But since my cousin is not on the forum, you're the next best thing :p.

Le منشار

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@LVV is that you? ???
@LVV wou 3ayelto :lol:

Le منشار

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No, I got impression of the guy that he's a know it all, like you :p (btefham w ma mnefham 3alek).
It's a joke.
You never use foul words, istaghfarallah!
it's ok, you're not the only one, I'm used to it.
my parents need at least 5 minutes to correctly process something I tell them.