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i find that to be interesting.

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Holy sh!t more data!! Cool website about population visualization around the world using vertical bars and a neat coloring scheme

Human Terrain

Also nice website overall, lots of cool features and stories

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Data describes to us the average day of an american, waynak ya @death_to_google ta nebke sawa about evil data!!

A Day in the Life of Americans

@Muki how accurate is this on average from what u see around you, colleagues/friends?

Sounds very accurate.
Wake up, take care of personal hygiene, go to work, eat lunch 12-1, get off work around 5, go home and make dinner or engage in leisure activity and relax, go to sleep.

Cool websites.

Check out Our World in Data
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As i already thought, newage french comedians are mostly shitty and steal/outsource a big chunk of their material