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Invitation to the Mafia Championship 2020


New Member
Hi guys

@SeaAb suggested that I post this here, so I hope it's okay :D

Each year, I host something called the Mafia Championship. It's an international forum-based mafia tournament that's been running since 2014. This year is the seventh season of it.

I wish to invite Orange Room to this event.

In short, 165 communities will be participating - each sending one representative each to battle on their behalf. These players are divided into 11 qualifier games with 15 players each, and if someone does well they can then advance to the semi finals and after that maybe even the finals.

While it can sound a bit elitist, it's actually just mostly about having fun and creating new bonds between players and communities :). There's a whole wide world of other mafia communities out there, and there's usually much excitement around the Championship. The winner even gets a signed certificate from the person who created mafia ;)

So I'm hoping that this intrigues you guys. Should you be interested, how it usually works is that your community would discuss and agree on who to send. By nominating others and/or volunteering yourself.

Much more information here in the invitation: Invitation to Mafia Championship Season 7

As a final note, I only just discovered your community today and so you are receiving this invitation very late. We are already scheduling the games for this season Thursday. I don't know if it would be at all possible for you to reach a consensus on a representative this week, should you be interested? If you need more time than that, we can work something out.

And if you have any questions, just let me know :)