Iran on the rise: Militarily, Technologically and Strategically. Did 40 years of US sanctions hurt or help?


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😲Looks like they restored their electricity...😂
that was FAST !!! and hariri boy is not due for delivery it is not yet 9 months!!!
wait wait for the push push candice-boy ,scream and pain :lol::lol:

people now eager to have a gov. believe me it is even worse if hariri becomes a PM again . i hope the president refuse the formation , we need someone who can work not spend his mandate flying overseas and leaving lebanese in hunger.


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Coming soon to a theatre near you...

Taliban surges as Biden pulls US troops out of Afghanistan, with experts warning of 'foreign policy disaster'

yeah as they say "Karma is a dima sadek" : )


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i hope the president refuse the formation , we need someone who can work not spend his mandate flying overseas and leaving lebanese in hunger.
What can he do the poor man? His South African ***** doesn’t want to come see him in Lebanon.


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ja3ja3 ma bten2oti3 3endo el kahraba ,,, se7ib khat 3askari min iran : )
khodafiz iran from me3rab ...
I wonder if Geagea has learned something so far about relying on the Americans and Israelis after spending 11 years in jail besides watching over the years everyone that dealt with them got screwed big times from the Shah who died sick exiled in Cairo because the Americans refused to let him come to the States for treatment, to stupid Saddam and so many S. American dictators they supported initially like Noriega who ended up in a Miami Jail and now, what’s going on in Afghanistan where they made a deal with the terrorists and the Taliban and screwed up those who worked with them in good faith and trusted them.

Do the stupid Lebanese ever learn to unite together and stop relying on the West that uses them as bargaining chips and dumps them like an old shoe in a second?


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The problem when you tell the Lebanese they should unite and rise above sectarianism you become the enemy…


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The problem when you tell the Lebanese they should unite and rise above sectarianism you become the enemy…
akid akid , hate blind the "upper deck" to function properly .
they run on emotions, they need to substitute the fuel with logic.


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Remember when the Israelis pulled out of South Lebanon overnight without warning their allies and let them hang to dry?...
(That's how traitors are seen and treated by their masters...) (Geagea: Hello!!!)
Does this sound familiar?

20 years & not even a note?! US left Bagram Air Base in middle of the night without telling new Afghan commander – reports​

The Afghan military was surprised to find the main US airbase in the country dark and deserted, claiming they only discovered the Americans had left (and shut off the power) hours after they were gone.
We [heard] some rumor that the Americans had left Bagram… and finally by seven o’clock in the morning, we understood that it was confirmed,” the base’s new commander, Gen. Mir Asadullah Kohistani, told the Associated Press on Tuesday. The electricity had been shut off and the Americans gone for over two hours by the time the base’s new custodians arrived on Friday.
The Pentagon announced that day that they had left the largest airfield in the country, but appear to have given no warning to its next occupants. The White House said later on Friday that a final withdrawal of troops from the country would likely come by the “end of August.

"Remember when the Israelis pulled out of South Lebanon overnight without warning their allies and let them hang to dry?"

Nope, I do not remember this, but I see SLA members living safely and happily in Israel and celebrating 20 years of freedom.
Granted, it's Israel, not their beloved Lebanon.
However, considering what you turned Lebanon into they are counting their lucky stars and praising their new found home.


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Hey weirdos, who said I'm not a nice guy? I'm saving you the trouble and posting this exciting article on your behalf. I'm sure you deeply believe every narrative in it from your favorite tabloid: :woot:
My question is who elected this out-and-out monsterenemy of minorities?:jimlad:


Iran’s new president is an out-and-out monster — and enemy of minorities


he Islamic Republic of Iran is a monstrous tyranny that likes to pretend it’s a democracy. And so in a vote with historically low turnout — and all candidates pre-vetted by the unelected Guardian Council, of course — Ebrahim Raisi was “elected” president. He will be inaugurated in August.

His rise is bad news for all Iranians, especially members of religious minorities.

Raisi is the hard-line prodigy of the supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, and is tipped as a potential successor to the role of Top Tyrant. Raisi, who leaves the position of chief of the judiciary to take up the presidency, was one of four judges in the late 1980s to sit on the “Death Panel.” It was as horrific as it sounds, ordering the execution of thousands of regime opponents (and suspected opponents).

More recently, in his role as head of the judiciary, Raisi amplified the pursuit of minority faith groups in Iran, not least the Baha’is.

The Baha’i faith, which emphasizes the unity of all faiths and all humanity, couldn’t be considered threatening through any reasonable lens. It is peaceful, anti-racist and anti-nationalistic. Yet perhaps it’s precisely that geniality that raises the ire of Raisi and his spiteful Islamist worldview.

Under Raisi’s directives, Iranian authorities amped up their campaign against the Baha’is. Between 50 and 100 Baha’is are in prison because of their religious identity. There has been widespread confiscation or destruction of Baha’i property in the picturesque village of Ivel, with the promise of mercy for those who renounce their beliefs and convert to Shiite Islam.

Baha’is, who aren’t permitted the basic rights of other Iranian citizens, were recently instructed by the regime that they must bury their dead in the mass graves of those aforementioned political prisoners executed in 1988, rather than being allowed the dignity of their own cemeteries.

Raisi’s victims are piling up, literally. Amnesty International says the purpose of this cruelty inflicted on the families of his victims from the ’80s and the Baha’is is to erase the evidence of his historical crimes.

Christians likewise have faced severe persecution. Again, several Christians are in prison because of their religious identity, though usually they’re indicted on bogus national-security charges. Prisoners of conscience can now expect long sentences to be followed by years of exile in remote parts of the country, away from their families.

In October 2020, 120 lawyers and activists wrote an open letter to Raisi, asking him to overturn a court’s decision to remove a 2-year-old girl from her adoptive parents, Sam Khosravi and Maryam Falahi, because they are Christian converts. The judge who made that ruling acknowledged that the child, Lydia, felt an “intense emotional attachment” to Sam and Maryam; Raisi ignored the petition.

In the face of this mountain of evidence, it takes some remarkable audacity and an extraordinarily relaxed relationship with reality for Raisi to claim, as he did in an interview shortly after his election, that he is a “human-rights defender.” It would be funny if it weren’t so revoltingly offensive.

As predictable as the sun rising in the morning, there will be some well-intentioned but wildly naïve world leaders who believe doggedly that with a bit of dialogue and understanding, Tehran can be persuaded to be a benign force in the region and even a reliable strategic ally.

They may be disappointed to hear that when asked if he would meet with President Joe Biden, Raisi simply replied, “No.” Still, while the outlook for Iran and its beleaguered population is bleak, many activists express the hope that with every retrograde gallop away from democracy and human rights, the regime is taking a step toward its own extinction. In the event, the vast majority of ordinary Iranians had their fill of the Islamic Republic a long time ago.


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Had this nonsense ever work for you - I'm not even asking about practical results, simply has it even made you feel better.
Actually it’s very simple question to answer:

Any of the homes you live in today, or the one you were born in, or the ones you parents were born in, or the ones that your grand parents we born in, any of those home are threatened by Iran?