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Is Kataeb party heading into oblivion ?

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    Probably 4, but regardless, in Lebabon it’s considered strong
    With 3 Frangieh almost became president
    It s a question of time.
    People are becoming more and more aware of the need of having two main christian parties.
    Samy Gemayel ‘s decision to boycott the government at the time when all Lebanon was compssionate and having a solidarity attitude towards Saad Hariri was not timely at all.

    16:05 "ليبانون فايلز": استقالة 3 أعضاء من المكتب السياسي الكتائبي هم أسعد عميرة وعبدالله ريشا وشادي معربس بسبب اعتراضات سياسية وادارية