Is Lebanon's Armenian population stable?


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Very wise decision. Look at the luck these people have had. They escaped the genocide the Turks inflicted on them but where do they come to? The most unstable place on earth. IMO by the time GB leaves the presidential palace he will turn off the last light in the last Christian house left in Lebanon. They will beg him to stay but I think he will resist the temptation and will decide to join his wife and children in Europe. However if he decides to stay yimkin bikhalluoh if only to brag about deceitful coexistence between religious groups in Lebanon, not unlike what Turkey does. It annihilated its Christian population and yet it tries to present itself as a beacon of religious tolerance which really no one buys. Not even the Turks themselves.

Now stability wise, none of the Lebanese are stable. Judging by my friends they are all a whisker away from being institutionalised.