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Is nabih berri finished?

Ralph N

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The exchange rate in Lebanon is not an economic issue. It is political. There are politicians in bed with bankers who are enemies of the people and the country and deserve to be hanged in a normal country. They have manipulated the exchange rate to cause tension and instability and turmoil.

For Berri to have boldly made such a claim in a press conference means something was agreed upon. The question is what changed? Who blocked the initiative? Who broke the agreement? You can think deeper instead of only seeing things from the surface and upholding to political rivalry.

By the way, it is almost two years since this thread was created. The question now should be: is this thread finished? Is your hatred finished? Berri is 82 years old. He likely may not live over 100. So to wait till his death before answering the thread title would be nonsense.

I'm not defending Berri. But the hatred and sectarian malice Lebanese animals exhibit is crazy. You do not deserve the honor of being regarded as part of the human race. I'm talking about all Lebanese without exception. Hatred, discrimination, partiality, envy, jealousy, etc. every god forbidden satanic act. Why are we this way? And these vices are not making us better or improving the country. They're not giving us better image either as individuals or as people.

Some are waiting for Berri to die and others for Hezballah to be destroyed or to hand over its weapons in order to weaken an entire sect. Death is inevitable. Others too who are waiting will themselves die. Hezballah will never be destroyed and they will never hand over their weapons, at least not to the current "Lebanese apartheid state" that gave up on its responsibilities toward its people. And we have never lacked charismatic, inspirational and effective leaders, even at our weakest and poorest. So when Berri and Nasrallah make way, be ready for many more like them or someone or two or three even more effective than they have been or in ways that would disappoint you more. We wont have a leadership crisis like in other sects. Our leadership structure isnt based on feudalism and son inheriting father in a political party or making political parties family business ventures - the root cause of our lack of transition and the source of our mess. Families run political parties like they run companies. It is all about making profits and getting a share. Do not forget that the first leader of our sect was Imam Ali. We do not lack figures and leadership gems to emulate and proffer the best examples, and future leaders even better than the past ones.
Habboub berri transfered his money to other countries... 3erref shi? walla ba3dak neyem...
Berry will sign peace with Israel just to avoid sanctions and remain in the game. The US needs him and he will be their best friend. Normalisation with Israel is there soon


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