Is nabih berri finished?


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The weak point of nabih berri Is the same his tough point. His relation with the law .
He Is a lawyers and he knows well that .
Muslims consider the civil laws that doesn't take shariah as a font as a judaic Christian laws .
In lebanon they resolved this problem by assigning to special tribunals the laws that regard the persons . But had this resolved the issue.
There was lot of protest against the jaafariya tribunals .
Muslim think they could abuse a law made by Christians . And they dont feel themselves under this law .
At the same time they dont have their own sharia law where the rule of Hand cutting Is applied.


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Bassil open attack on Berri in the media yesterday is another sign of Berri weakness.
Let us see how Berri will perform in next elections....rumors are circulating that he will refrain from nomination and will retire.