Our universe is made from matter; matter is made from molecules; and molecules are made from atoms. Atoms are made from particles which are the building blocks of physical matter.

The estimated mass of the ordinary matter in our universe is 1.3 x 10^53 Kg. This mass existed from the time when the Big Bang Black Hole (BBBH) evaporated around 13.8 billion year ago. But this mass was inside the BBBH which means that the age of the particles in the mass is much older than the age of our universe. The age of the BBBH can be calculated from Hawking’s equation:

T = 2.097 x 10^67 x (M/Mo) ^3


T = the evaporation time in years of a BH

M = mass of a BH (the estimated mass of the BBBH was approximately the same as the mass of the ordinary matter in our universe 1.5 x 10^53 Kg)

Mo = solar mass (1.898 x 10^30 Kg)

By substitution, the evaporation time for the BBBB = 9 x 10^135 years.

This means that the age of the particles is = 9 x 10^135 + 13.8 x 10^9 years.

The function of a BBBH is to swallow the existing matter and get larger and larger until nothing is left, digest its food for a very long time (ours for 9 x 10^135 years) and then disappears after creating a new universe.

Let us assume that the ordinary mass in our universe is constant and that it has been contained in our BBBH for 9 x 10^135 years. So, where did this matter come from? One possibility is that it came from another universe which was created by another BBBH that evaporated after 9 x 10^135 years and created that universe. This logic can easily lead us to infinity because the process constitutes a closed loop. This means the age of particles is infinity.

So, I wonder if there is a BBBH that exists from infinity with infinite mass and consequently infinite age that releases bursts of energy at irregular intervals to form multiverse each with a different mass.