Israel boycotting an Israeli film festival in France for broadcasting foxtrot, Israel's Oscar nomination!



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So yeah I pretty much summed it up in the title! I wanted to post this in the hasheesh thread since it's just that ridiculous lol!

Israel boycotts film festival over Foxtrot screening

The Israeli embassy in Paris will be boycotting the screening of the film on recommendation from the Israeli foreign ministry because they believe the movie not to be suitable for a "Jewish film festival" with the presence of Jewish donors, since it depicts the IDF in a negative light.

Now the incredibly odd part: the movie was made by an Israeli director who even fought in the IDF, he was actually a gunner on one of the first tank to enter Lebanon in 1982 :p, the movie received Israeli funding and was screened all over Israel and was even their pick for the Oscars! Yet somehow it is also the reason the Israeli embassy is boycotting an Israeli film festival in Paris for choosing to screen it!

I would describe the above as hypocrisy, but I think this is far too ridiculous for that word!