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Israel launches operation to "expose and thwart" Hizbullah tunnels

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  • Muki

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    Are they bombing south of Lebanon?
    Not from what I've been able to find out so far, which is very little. Basically:
    -Israel launched military operation to destroy tunnels
    -Operation restricted to Israel's side of the border

    Libnene Qu7

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    Do you think that is a goal of the Israeli government?

    Formation of a Lebanese government is something Iran (and by proxy, Hizbullah) doesn't want.
    Of course not, I'm just pointing out a possible silver lining to this potentially destructive news.


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    Hopefully this will entice our zombie politicians to form a government.
    ‏باسيل تعليقا على التطورات في الجنوب: نأمل ان يشكل ما يحصل بادرة للاسراع في تشكيل حكومة جديدة بما يسمح لنا بمواجهة التحديات
    If another war breaks out it's gonna be a very different situation from 2006. I can't believe that in 2018 with internet and all the information we have access to those people are still gonna be supportive of hezbollah and their dirty tacts, when it's clear they are the ones trying to provoke. If they do, they do deserve to get bombed. Sorry but no simpathy for people who risk their family's safety in the name of jihad. My only concern at this point is the remaining Christians far down south .