Israel - Palestine peace process


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You can tell he comes from a dhimmi family just by the name his parents gave him.

Some families, both Muslim and Christian, may have Arabian roots on their paternal side or are simply proud of the Arabic language and the Arabic or Levantine identity. It is still better to be from a Dhimmi family, than to be from a sohyooneh family of khanazeer.


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Good news for Israel - Oslo is about to die de jure.
I hope Abbas is absolutely serious and will not track back later.
I also hope that Abbas will live much much longer and would continue to rule the WB people.

"Abbas declares all agreements with Israel, US null and void"


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Let me distill the peace process for you. Call it the Deal of the Century or better known as The Abrahamic Accords.

1. Israel will get all the nations to sign a peace deal.
- currently ongoing.
2. Create the 70 nation covenant.
-currently ongoing.
-Pope + Mufti of Azhar + Jewish Rabbis already met.
-Sacrificial rituals started.
-Sanhedrin council established.
3. Build the 3rd temple
-Architecture and materials already procured.
-ritual and temple clothes already designed.
-elements of the temple already built under the temple mount.
-UAE has already started building the mosque, church, synagogue under one roof in preparation for the third temple.
-spread the message that muslims, christians and jews believe in the same god, all sons of abraham so we can pray in the same temple.