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Since being abroad prevents me from directly helping Lebanon and my fellow Lebanese during this rough crisis, i was thinking what if i switch some or all of contracts i give from time to time to developers in South eastern asia and eastern europe, to developers in Lebanon looking for a job or extra work on the side?
I tried that in the past (around 2010-2011) but unfortunately the few attempts were all bad adventures: overpriced work, ridiculous amount of hours logged, refusal to stick to requirements, weak response time, theft of code, etc... maybe just my luck... ended up costing much more than hiring in Canada!

I usually look for: frontend, backend, fullstack, architects of all levels with knowledge in some or all of:
Python, javascript, tensorflow, progressive web app, html, css, sql, angular, react, c#, .net

What is currently a fair hourly rate in Lebanon for the above profiles for juniors, intermediate, and experts?
so i just got an email from a guy advertising a platform that highlights lebanese talents and freelancers.
i dont know how legit it is but u can give it a shot i guess.



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What is a fair monthly salary to pay in Lebanon for:

Junior Business management consultant with 0 to 2 yrs experience ?
Pharmacy graduate 0 to 2 yrs experience?
Operations manager (it sector) 10 to 15 yrs exp?

Thank you