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Law to Strip MPs and Govt Officials Immunity From Prosecution in Fight Against Corruption in Lebanon

Do you support a law stripping all Lebanese officials immunity in order to fight corruption?

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I think we can have a second law to pardon for all financial crimes that have been committed previously, similar to the the pardon after the civil war for the warlords and their crimes against humanity. In doing that, we would strip MPs, ministers, the president, the PM of immunity from prosecution. While we would find it hard to fight corrupt officials from the past, such laws (to pardon past acts and to strip govt officials their immunity) will ensure a clean future for our country and our children. The immunity these guys have is an impediment to fight corruption. I started this thread as a sequel to the below posts in another thread:

(I would also ask the Mods to please include a poll to this thread with a simple yes or no question to know if members here support the motion to strip all govt officials immunity from prosecution. Do you support a law striping all Lebanese officials immunity to fight corruption?)

You like taking credit where you have none.

Berri is an MP first of all. That means he has immunity from prosecution. The fitnah mongering of FPMers to create problems between Amal and Hezballah will never bear any fruit. You're wasting your stupidity, which you imagine are clever tricks. You cannot prosecute Berri. If you want to, then work towards changing the law and dropping the immunity of MPs. That's actually very essential in fighting corruption. For as long as people are held as divine figures above the law and above prosecution, there will always be people who will do as they like and go free. That's the culture of impunity that actually exists in the heart and minds of the average Lebanese. We always imagine and want to assume some form of superiority and above the law mentally. It isn't only in Lebanon. Everywhere. We are also corrupt as a people even outside Lebanon. That feeling of being a special breed of dogs! And actually we are not. The moment the law is applied on all, no one will cover anyone. And you wouldn't need Hezballah to assume the roles of judefe and jury to prosecute anyone. It isn't the role of Hezballah to prosecute anyone. Hezballah has evidence against Saniora and they have handed the evidence to the judiciary. And today Saniora isn't an MP. He ceased being an MP because he did not contest to become one in last year's election.

So if anyone has evidence against Berri bring it forth. And it is paramount to change the law and strip MPs of their immunity. The world over or at least in most law abiding countries only presidents and PMs have immunity. Sadly, our system is sectarian. A Shia cannot be president or PM in Lebanon. The moment you draw a law to strip MPs of their immunity and you want the president and PM to have immunity, the Shia will insist the Speaker post is also granted immunity. So I think you should stop trying to belittle our intelligence. We aren't stupid people as you think or you're actually just acting stupid. Berri is above you. He will likely be speaker till he dies. He acts as one of the three presidents in Lebanon. Your aim at belittling him will cause reactions that you will not be pleased with. Trying Berri will mean trying Aoun and Hariri too. Stripping Berri's immunity will mean stripping Hariri and Aoun too. That's the level of Berri at the state and sect levels. Until he chooses not to be an MP and cease to be a speaker, then you can prosecute him. Until then stop making noise. And if you want to continue barking, at least grow some teeth which you can use to bite. That is: pass a law in parliament stripping everyone of immunity to prosecution. Let everyone from MPs, to ministers, to the speaker, to the PM, and to the president have no immunity from prosecution. That is how serious people fight corruption. Not by applying selective bias. Not by acting like children who do not understand the laws in the country.

And personally, I do think if we are to become a country of law and order, our officials have to be stripped of their immunity. This immunity they have is making them act like outlaws.

...Anyways, calling anyone fesid or whatever names, without having solid evidence and presenting it to the judiciary is just like releasing hot gas. You hit no nerve. Just the plain truth which you're allergic to. Fighting corruption shouldn't be selective or based on FPM alliances and friendship and modswings of FPMers. No one should be immune including the president, speaker and PM. That's the way forward if we are serious about fighting corruption and if we truly want to restore the people's confidence in the state; drop the immunity clause for all public and govt officials. Very simple to do. Insulting Berri will only lead to heighten sectarian tension. You insult Berri, the average Amal supporter will insult Aoun. To the average Shia, Aoun isn't superior to Berri. Aoun is president and not Berri by sectarian opportunity. Get that clear and start respecting Berri or at least, spare the president from counter insults. Or wait till Berri retires from politics like Saniora did and then open his files and have concrete evidence to handover to the judiciary. Stop accusing Hezballah or blackmailing Hezballah of being a state within a state, and then you shamelessly want Hezballah to prosecute people whom you do not like. Stop the FPM hypocrisy. We aren't all sheep.


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basically the islamic axis and their christian controlled minions

will never allow that law to pass

tayyar the only party that has nothing to hide


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you think berri/gebran/jumblat/hariri will stop stealing and corrupting everything in this country? you have more chances to convince people that earth is flat