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Lebanese Christian and Muslim relation/behaviour abroad

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There's nothing worse than a Muslim except a Christian justifying their behaviour and calling it natural progression. Aya mired Aya ballout. The Australian minister only talked about 2nd and 3rd generation Islam born and bred amongst the most democratic and impartial people on Earth. Many Lebanese Christian don't identify themselves anymore. The same as many Italians and Greeks worlwide. Justifying it as an expected process is beyond stupid. Saudi Arabia have many communities inside the country without fresh water or sealed roads. Yet they spend billions in dollars building mosques world wide. The new Muslims are as bad if not worse than the Lebanese ones. They can't speak Lebanese and mingle with sudanese apfganis algerians and any other extremists.

How do you think they become 'extremists'? First of all you gotta understand that in their minds they're not extremists, but just good Muslims following the quran. All terrorists/extremists think like this because they can find all the justification they need for their violence in the quran.

Second, second and third generations are not worse than first generation immigrants, they are exactly the same. Their fathers/families raise them like that. The example I posted of the Lebanese Muslim gang that targeted and raped Christian women, many of them were brothers and cousins, which means they were raised to hate (and rape) Christians.

Third, there's this dangerous myth that so called Lebanese Muslims are somewhat more tolerant and less extremist than other MENA Muslims. It's a very dangerous myth and many Christians are risking their lives when they believe this. Lebanese Muslims are not only extremely radical and violent by nature, but they are actually MORE extremist than other Muslims. The inferiority complex and hatred they nourish towards Christians is something abnormal to say the least. Most Christians in Lebanon unfortunately got used to their behaviour and don't pay attention to it anymore, but once you analyze the crime rate of Lebanese Mulims abroad, which is highly motivated by Islamic extremism, it becomes obvious. Remember, all Shias support Hezbollah, and apart from a few upper class Beiruti Sunnis, most Sunnis throughout the country have Wahhabi tendencies. Never forget who they are and what they want.
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    How do you wipe out Islam? You can't bomb it out of existence. Apart from the immorality of it, these are ancient methods that don't work. They only radicalize muslims more.
    Current Islam is not about people , it's about teachings. They have twisted preachers/schlars that have to be rehabilitated to be in line with current civilisation laws.
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    Current Islam is not about people , it's about teachings. They have twisted preachers/schlars that have to be rehabilitated to be in line with current civilisation laws.
    Islam is sick to begin with.


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    Islam is sick to begin with.
    i disagree its the other way , The Judo-Christian culture & Bible gave birth to zionism and every type of evil which makes Judo-Christianity sick , but certainly not Islam or the Quran ( most western scholars agree ) and the math also proves it , Also a simple compression between the Bible & Quran proves it

    for example :

    Islamic culture is actually far less prone to Violent then Christianity, or Even Buddhism, And The Math Proves It :

    The bloodiest civilizations among major civilizations , are :

    Christianity killed 177 Million

    Antitheist killed 125 Million

    Buddhism killed 87 Million

    Islamic civilizations was the second least violent after indic civilizations which was the least violent .


    What about violent crimes ?

    Here Muslims are way behind the rest of us—and in a good way. Homicide rates in Muslim-majority countries average about two murders per annum per 100,000 people. In non-Muslim countries, the average rate is about 8 per 100,000. Murder rates fluctuate from year to year, but they are consistently low in Muslim societies. The homicide rate in Indonesia, the world’s largest Muslim country, is 1 per 100,000—one-fifth the rate of the world’s largest Christian country, the United States. Christian countries live with murder rates that are unknown in the Muslim world. Brazilians and Mexicans are used to murder rates in the 15-25 range; the rate in Venezuela tops 50 .

    What about Christian Lebanese VS Muslim Lebanese ?

    if we look at the civil war we realize that Christian Lebanese are far more violent, in fact they descended to a level of violent barbarism founded only in the Bible for example they ripped the stomach of pregnant Muslim women ( ironically the Judo-Christian Bible god glorify ripping pregnant women stomachs ) , in fact the only party founded guilty of genocide in the civil war were the Maronite Christians Lebanese.

    Historically Maronite Lebanese started 2 civil wars in the Levant and both of them started between Druz & Maronite's and in both cases the Maronite wrongfully & unjustly targeted Muslims , by contrast the Muslim community showed grace by providing shelter for Christians in the first civil war and protected them ,,,, and in the second war they reached out for peace rather then exploiting the terrorist acts of christian militants , the first terrorist organization in the Arab world were christian Lebanese ( they were the Christian ISIS in fact they suppress them in terms of level of brutality & cruelty)
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    That's why wherever you go , you'll get bigots. Comparing Christian's with "Muslims" behaviour is like pushing shit uphill . Terrorism is not a hobby or a singing game. It's a message. Next time you decide to like manifestos posts, read them first and reflect your secularism for a change.
    The biggest rape gang in Australia is the Catholic Church , so yes you cant compare Muslim behavior with Christians , the following links may inlight your ignorance :

    Are Muslim or Christian more violent ( including Lebanese Muslim or Christian ) ?


    Catholic Church sexual abuse cases in Australia - Wikipedia