Lebanese ID Renewal



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ID Renewal finally made easy

Getting bureaucratic/governmental transactions done can sometimes be a real hassle, what with all the documents required and the various offices/areas to visit. Recently, I was out getting my national ID card renewed, so I had to go all the way to the civil registry in the South, where I’m from, to file my request. I was worried about going back to pick it up since I live in Beirut, but thankfully, I didn’t have to. OMT has a new ID express service that allows you to pick up your card at your nearest agent within 15 days. You just have to fill out a form whereby you specify your phone number and wait for OMT’s call to determine the location from which you want to pick up your card. When it is ready, you receive an SMS with a password that you provide the OMT agent to receive your card. And if you want somebody else to pick it up, you can just use that person’s phone number instead on your form.

You can check online on their website all the documents required for a national ID card issuance or renewal. Hopefully I’ll get my ID within the next 15 days! Would you go for such a service?