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Lebanese, Mideast players dominating NHL


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I play fantasy hockey and I took a look at some of the top players so far this year:

3) Brendan Saad, he is half Syrian, born in United States
15) Nazem Kadri, he is Lebanese, born in Canada
16) Mike Zibaneajad, he is half Iranian, born in Sweden
454) Justin AbdelKader, half Jordanian, born in United States

The demographics of hockey are really changing as the sport is being popularized. More black players then ever too. There have been a couple other Lebanese NHL players in previous eras but none have been on par with Kadri, who has improved this year as a potential star and is playing on a team that has a chance to win the Stanley Cup.

Lebanon also now has it's own ice hockey team, based in Montreal :D :

Lebanon gets its own national hockey team — and it's in Montreal - Montreal - CBC News