Lebanese Web developer needed in Suffolk - United Kingdom

British law says that in order to hire non British/EU citizens, the job post must have been vacant, publicly advertised, and there have to be no people coming forward for the job from our own folk. Then you can hire non-EU citizens.

Hiring exclusively Lebanese, withholding the job from the British public and discrimination on ethnicity/origin (non-Lebanese need not apply) is against the law.

Either you're getting a good commission for finding someone from "back home" to fill the position, in which case you're helping a company that was allowed to be established on our soil for the benefit of our people break the law, or the company in question needs to be made aware of the laws and change it's course of action. I can personally link you with at least 5 Brits who are looking for such a job.

Edit: *reads site description*

Just for a second, forget about graphic and website design, development and marketing strategies. Yes, we’re experts in every one of those. Of course we are. But ask yourself: is that honestly all you want?

Experts, looking for an expert to take up an open vacancy, urgent. MashaaaAllah