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Lebanon’s Economic crisis - Reasons And Way outs


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لكن العقد لا يوحي بهذه الفرصة. هو مشروط بمراعاة القوانين اللبنانية، ولا سيما منها: السرية المصرفية والنقد والتسليف ومكافحة تبييض الأموال. تلك هي الوصفة السحرية للقضاء على التحقيق، وإعطاء رياض سلامة الحق في عرقلة عمل شركة «ألفاريز»، وبالتالي إلغاء أي فرصة للدخول إلى مغارة مصرف لبنان
It's ok, they already got the cheers they wanted, who cares what actually happens


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What if the escort Hariri sent 16M usd for her intimate services says she spent the money on buying a flat in Capetown and has no cash?
The funniest thing about this Ta3mim is the word تحض . Yeah sure they will and if they dont the tooth fairy is not going to leave any lollies for them under their pillows.

Barja municipality has been trying to تحض all its coronavirus infected people for months to stay home and not socialise and infect others. Yet despite the Balidyyeh's best wishes not one person as yet complied or altered his arguileh habit.

I trust this latest wishful thinking on the part of the central bank will go the same way as many of its other decrees. You would have to be a total and absolute fool to comply with this edict while the chances of the country disintigrating into warring alleys gain traction by the day. There may not be even a sovereign counrty to speak of let alone a functioning state or a banking system. We are not really that far from a Somalia style fate.