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Lebanon Asks IMF for Help in Restructuring Debt / Lebanon's Financial Dilemma


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If you have any questions about the current financial status in lebanon,
Send a question on the hashtag #TheNerds on twitter

You can also watch it on Youtube Live

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In the next 6-8months famine will set in.
The middle class and more than 80% of the rich class will realize that they are now poor.
The destruction of wealth will be massive.
60% of the people will start living on food vouchers.

Most the products will disappear from supermarkets and we will only find necessities.
Whole areas where pubs and restaurants were will look like Solidere. Ghost towns.
I expected this but the corona outbreak just accelerated the fact.

People say “but during the war we were fine”. Well during the war the inflow of USD was massive. There wasn’t a day were banks wouldn’t let you take USD banknotes or do Foreign Exchange.
People might lose their homes unless it happens on a massive scale then repossessing will be impossible.

Every neighborhood will close on itself to secure their region from thiefs. Warlords will grow stronger when the hungry will beg them for help.