Lebanon Ranked Second to Last for Raising Kids


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You can go live on a commune :)

Galaxy brain stuff right here, thank you. Communities only exist on communes. That's how words work.

1. How do you characterize "community belonging" in Lebanon? and 2. What do you exactly like about it?

I'll answer this when I'm in a less sarcastic and shitty mood, I promise :)

I worked very hard even before I knew anything about American culture, does that make me protestant evangelical? :)

Yes, the theory is absolutely about you personally.


Of course, one must take into account that many Lebanese in Lebanon, at least in a familial context, are raised in an environment where the father figure is absent most of time, given the number of Lebanese male expatriates who work abroad.
I see everyone's having a super normal one today.
Mods just gonna do nothing about these barca fans running rampant, huh?
Because you are discussing examples of countries with very good economy basis that doesn't resemble
our situation in Lebanon whatsoever, and they became so bored, they started inventing stupid laws to kill the boredom.
This automatically means you are trying to divert the members and guests following the forum from the main event
happening on the Lebanese scene ... one opens a thread about raising kids and the other opens a topic about the weak
vocab in the Quran that projects his ignorance in understanding Arabic, and for what sake ?! diverting attention from the revolution thread.
ma 7ada ghayrak fawra