Lebanon Telecommunication Scam



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Cost cutting 3a 7seb hygiene/expired goods used in food preparations/Smelly Syrian workers/etc...

This is also available in other parts of the country.

I personally boycott any place that employs Syrians in the kitchen instead of Lebanese hence why I mostly eat at home now.
What about your Syrian cook? :)
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    Please can someone explain why on earth are Lebanon's telecommunication charges the most expensive in the universe? Why do I have to recharge my line every month with at least $10 or risk deactivation? What sort of blackmail is this? Is there no authority in Lebanon to regulate the telecommunications sector and charges? Or is someone sitting someone puffing cigar and having easy cash entering his pocket to cause the government to be silent? Is this logical? Please can someone shed more light on this issue?
    Of course, the politicians make some money out of Alfa and Touch. If they cared about the Lebanese people they would have regulated the prices.


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    So for the past two months there is an observation a family member in Lebanon has made in regards to his internet subscription on his phone.

    He normally subscribes to HS8 for 60GB which costs him $69. This bundle normally lasts him for 3 weeks even though it is a monthly bundle. For the last 2 months, he has observed a big difference. He recharges for the same bundle and at the same cost of $69. But the surprise is the fact that he doesnt use more than 30GB in an entire month or for 4 weeks. The company is no longer draining his MBs as it used to do before this government took over.

    What really changed?
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    Making deals of this kind is what they do! w byejou bi2elolak manon fesdinnnn bass the others are w ma khalouwon :lol:

    الخلوي: ألفا لـ«التيار» وتاتش لـ«أمل