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Lebanon: the identity crisis


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No, I confirm the first one, not the second one .. I told you nowhere in the world this exists but in Lebanon, you can't say this is Lebanese ... because a French will pop up and tell you: "hey, this word is french !! it is mine !! " ... one time I was working in Jal el deeb, we had a french guy who knew the owner, he came to my workplace and said "bonjour tous le monde" and the guy next to me, charbel told him: "bonjouren" then the french guy said: "ca veut dire quoi "bonjouren" ?" ... I told him: "c'est la version Libanaise qui veut dire "deux bonjour" and then he replied: "bonjouren, ah non c'est pas du Francais correcte" <=== how humiliating is that ? it happened I didn't make that up

It exists in plenty of places in the world, the fact that you are not aware of its existence is on you.
What was humiliating in what the french guy said? We do not speak french, that's what he should've been reminded of. He can keep the francais correcte for himself.

Please come back with a better explanation about why my statement I speak Lebanese and not Arabic is wrong.

you don't care about your surrounding neighboring countries who happen to have the same characteristics and historical facts are your country but you're asking me to fetsh for Barzil and Peru who are thousands of miles away, overseas ?

reread my reply above....I told you it's on you...

you said it yourself (a second Language) rarely spoken only on business occasions and trust me not perfectly spoken like we kill ourselves to do it in Lebanon (preserving the American or british accent too ), they just don't care !! they don't need it ... 1 out of 10 employees speak it .. it is enough for them to send this one person to promote their business abroad in a foreign country.
However according to your logic, in Lebanon we don't use English as a second language, we are forced to learn it perfectly and use it even in the workplace, even though all of us are Lebanese and can speak Arabic and understand each others very well. so why are we forced to use a language that is not ours in the first place ?

one language = one man
Why? because each language opens up a culture....you speak english, you can enjoy british, american and australian movies You can visit these countries and go about discovering their cities and villages without being metel el atrash bil zaffe.

Speaking multiple languages is the best thing that can happen to someone. I don't know what you're complaining about. In any case, no other language will ever come close to the versatility of our Lebanese language.

For now, the "only important politically" whether you like it or not, the ME is making the globalized world economy spin, without its oil and gas, endless conflict, arms deals and israel ... the rest of the world is not a beautiful place as we envy ... remember in previous post, I called it the "Fu#$#ing middle east" ... yes we are sacrificing ourselves for the rest of the world happy life which you are dying to belong too but they consider you an expandable animal !!
keep living in denial bravo ..

Not sure I am living in denial of what....the ME is indeed a sh$thole ... and will remain so for the foreseeable future thanks in part to us....


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the real challenge is to elaborate the lebanese identity...to become a national identity within the lebanese borders where all citizens loyalty to the lebanese state and where the sectarian identity get diluted within the society multireligious frame ..