Living under Iran Mullahs

Technically it was small assault boat carrier in a sense that it was providing logistical support for their forward operations.

Now all these little speed boats will have to stay near their home ports, no more harrasing of sea traffic .

PS. I wonder if it was just an accident.
I m sure Israeli submarine or act of espionage
Anyway good riddance


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ana sho dakhalni bi iran? yemkin mfakerni The head of their army ? hahaha although rest assured i am against zionists regardless ;)

Every weekend i am enjoying new israeli girl ( let's say i am lebanizing them ) , your big hope might be to come help save them ( gold diggers) or maybe watch and learn instead of wasting your time on iran .

next weekend i will brief you about the new candidate :happy:

Layla tov !!!!


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When checking such facts about Iran, you become curious on whether the regime there is fighting Zionism or serving it!

The Iranian regime followed the path that would sabotage the country's potential.

Add to that the enmity they nourished with the Gulf countries that made the latter expedite the normalization process with Israel.



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I don’t know who Ebrahim Raisi is and I certainly don’t care to get educated about him from Western deceitful organizations that cater to powers that want to conquer and enslave humanity. The same powers that put Bassil in Lebanon on their shit list without noticing Berri, Jumblatt, Hariri and Saniora. Or the powers that are massacring Julian Assange for exposing their war crimes but still dealing with butchers like MBS as royalties.

What I know for sure is that the Iranian people who know Ebrahim Raisi better than anyone else chose him and some of us who don’t have food, gas or electricity when Iran has them all and more than happy to help us, we still think we are in a position to critique others and truly believe others give a rat shit about how we see them…