Living under Iran Mullahs

their new president Raisi is a mass murderer who slaughtered hundreds of protesters in the past.
I hail the courage of these young Iranians as they are incurring an extremely high risk of getting arrested and killed by the terrorist iranian regime.

But hey, they are Iranians after all. Just like Syrians and Palestians should we really care about the fate of these enemies ?
Iranian woman from the Ahwazi region is drinking dirty and muddy water due to water shortages .

Iranian are protesting in thousands against their terrorist regime . I hope they will overthrow their terrorist regime once and for all. And after that the end of HA and FPM

Praise the Lord



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Ralph N

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All this is good news.

As I said on the 18th of July (9 days ago) before the protests even started: the Iranian regime will fall in 45 days (starting from 18/07).

Of course many FPMers disliked what I said as they are organically linked to the Iranian regime through HA.
Metel nizam el assad.
And how exactly do u think "protests" will topple the iranian regime? And on such a short notice lol
They will suppress the protests like they always do.
Of course they will suppress the protests as they always do.

This is your culture after all to violently repress protesters and to kill them ultimately.

The Iranian regime is already killing freely in the Ahwazi region all the thirsty citizens who are protesting for only one drop of water. The internet connexion is currently shut down in that region so that no one can film the massacres that are happening currently.

But that will not halt the determination of the Iranian people who are rallying from all over the country to overthrow the terrorist regime. And all its puppets such as HA and FPM will soon vanish in the process.

As for why 45 days exactly. I cannot share here. Just wait and see.