Majida El Roumi V/S Julia Boutros

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  • shadow1

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    I heard of Julia but never heard her singing. Judging by what you guys have written she must be quite good. All I hope is she has lips succulent enough, bo*obs perked up enough, and legs sexy enough to make her music hot enough to watch.


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    Majida can be annoying at times... I wouldn't pay to watch her perform live. She has some really nice songs especially the Beirut song for Nizar Qabbani. I like her older songs more than the newer ones.

    Julia is second only to Fairouz... Jnoobiyyeh Aseeleh... She's not a commercial singer... doesn't release songs or cds regularly... a constant tune on my radio... My absolute favourite songs for her is: Wein Msafer, Intasara Loubnan, A7ebba2i
    Julia all the way.. Words and music and her voice are just fascinating.

    I am not a fan of majida el roumi at all. She does have a good voice but no emotions in it.


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    I don't listen to Majida; the only songs I enjoy for her are the ones written by Nizar Qabbani.

    This is beautiful:



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    I can't think of any other female singers (Fariouz aside) in lebanon who sing without relying on their appearance to promote their art. The musical scene is gross to say the least.


    Two different singers. For me I prefer Julia though. I love her songs. Betnafes Hourriye, Ahibaii, Ghabet Shames El Haq, Khawfi 3ala Wlede, Ya osas and the list goes on. When I hear Julia I say its time for revolution in this bloody country.


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    I like Julia's songs, but am I the only one who finds her voice average?

    Majida can be a hit or miss. I mean she has really nice songs but she tends to scream a lot.