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Maronite Patriarch calls for ‘active neutrality’ to unite and save Lebanon

Do you support the Neutrality pact proposed by Patriarch al Rahi ?

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    Votes: 16 69.6%
  • No

    Votes: 7 30.4%

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  • JB81


    Legendary Member
    I have no doubt Geagea would have been much more successful than this president!
    طوشتونا بالصلاح و التغيير طلعتوا حراميه اكتر منهم
    Agree. When counting Michel Sleiman wealth.


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    In other word, Christians have had enough of Berri corruption.
    The Shiite Unity with it's Berri corruption cannot be tolerated anymore.
    We want a state.
    I’m not disagreeing with you. I’m questioning how to deal with Berri problem. Berri is HA problem as everyone else’s. Physical confrontation with Berri will lead to civil unrest inside the Shiite camp that can spread beyond it into a full fledged civil war in other areas including the Christian areas. Geagea's dream will come true before we know it.

    SHN said it few months ago and I agree with him. He said fighting and winning against corruption does not happen overnight. It’s like fighting a resistance war. It’s slow and requires skillful planning; do not expect any major changes until the next elections because we cannot unseat democratically elected officials by the people. Hopefully next elections bring wiser choices by the people who suffered and paid the price for their negligence and stupidity voting for their corrupt cousins. If they do the same mistake again, then SHN is absolutely correct. We got the corrupt politicians that we ALL deserve.

    Tell you the truth I find it comical how every Lebanese here and on the street thinks he/she knows how to fix Lebanon’s problems overnight but everyone in power doesn’t know how.

    I think it’s a lot more complicated than you and I can ever imagine. There is a long history of retarded traditions that need to be undone and re-done. Unfortunately, those who know and can do something about it like GMA are being ignored or destroyed by the very same people they are trying to help. More suffering seems to be required for all of us to realize what we are missing and understand “Killon Y3ni Killon” is the stupidest slogan our useful idiots in 7irak have raised.

    All I hear is complaints in the abstract but very few understand what they are talking about...


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    Given that what you are claiming is true..
    Hizbollah could have workers on eakening berri positions inside the shia community and limit his margin of political power ( mainly in tawzif ) and by that he could held berri under control and create a better position inside the shia community ..
    while outside the shia community , he would ally with the reformist and clean politicians ( and the spectrum is wide , from fpm , to leftist , to nahhas and many people among the civil society ) to reform the state and create a better background for rebuilding the country..

    all things that HA never did , all what they did is the fascist culture of Black shirts ..
    Talk is cheap.

    Berri needs state jobs to keep his popular base happy and rewarded.


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    Make sure to vote him speaker again next elections ;)
    If anything Christians had enough of your lies.
    Or others like me who had enough of your dhimmism to hezbollah
    They want Berri ? نفذ ثم اعترض
    Do you imagine that LF can stop Berri from becoming speaker, if there are Lebanese that continue to vote for Amal in large numbers?
    Steven Gerrard

    Steven Gerrard

    In other word, Christians have had enough of Berri corruption.
    The Shiite Unity with it's Berri corruption cannot be tolerated anymore.
    We want a state.
    So it's only Berri who is corrupt?


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    How would you deal with Berri and his armed militia if you were in SHN shoes? I don't think SHN has a better option for now other than to convince Berri himself to come clean but then again, if Berri came clean, does that resolve the problems with Jumblatt, Hariri, Geagea, Frangieh and their mafias?
    We seem confused from listening to too much fake and misleading news we pick on the wrong clean guys like GMA and SHN and forget those who bankrupted the country and stole our bank accounts money.
    I find it ironic especially in Christian communities who expect HA to clean up not just the democratically elected Shiites including Berri but also the democratically elected Christians in the parliament. This is the trap that SHN is aware of and avoids falling in by refusing to interfere in deeply rooted backward Trible and Sectarian mentalities that can easily lead to another civil war now that the new uneducated generation never lived the first civil war and know nothing about what it's like.
    Unlike the thieves and criminals that we seem to have learned how to live with over decades of embarrassment, SHN has done something good for the country. He liberated it and protected it not just from the Israelis but from ISIS and Al-Nusra at his own people's expense while the shameless animals like Geagea were and still are stabling them in the back and openly declaring "Fal-Ya7kom Al-Ikhwan"...
    How quickly we forgot when GMA took office and domestic terrorism spilled over from the Syrian war was rampant all over Lebanon. Now we forgot completely about that basic security and peace of mind that we no longer worry about like booby trapped cars exploding in the streets thanks equally to GMA's army and SHN resistance and that's how we show our appreciation to them...
    My friend, the problem is that, when it comes to corruption and to the perpetuation of the current "services form" of society, Berri is the Master in Lebanon since the death of Hariri senior. If there's one obstacle to change and reform within the Lebanese administration, it is Nabih Berri. In addition, he is the one controlling the Parliament's agenda and his drawers are (since 2005) full of FPM made bills that will never be worked on within parliamentary commissions and be submitted to any vote.

    I know for a fact from some people (shiites) from the south that the first who suffer from him, are the Lebanese shiites themselves. One couldn't operate any company or make any investment without offering a share to Istez Nabih and / or hiring some of his people.

    When people say that keeping Nabih Berri afloat might backfire at HA at some point, I also tend to think so because the Lebanese shiites (and the other also) will at some point be fed up and confuse Amal with HA. The people I talked about tried to create a company in the south some 15 years ago and invested almost 1M$. They lost everything once you know who took his "fair" share and forced them into hiring his people. They left the country disgusted as you might guess and don't hold Berri in their hearts.

    Of course, confronting Berri is not a solution, he has the ability to backfire and to form an alliance with the other parties (Future, PSP and even the LF).

    However, it was a grave mistake to ignore him and to let him do as he wishes internally and another mistake not to have worked on weakening him, step by step. Even at the cost of offering him a "honorable" exit so we could, at least, work for the future.


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    Orange Room Supporter
    Would that bring your money back from Rai's beloved son Riad Salameh?
    No it won’t. As you know, I’m not a big fan of Berri, nor Rai, nor Salameh, nor Kan3an, nor Geagea, nor Hariri, nor Jumblatt, etc


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    Let's imagine a solution of political decentralization of Lebanon, no matter how it is called, whether decentralization, federalism or separation.

    In such situation, we should have at least two parts with a political positioning for each.

    It is obvious that one of these parts will be under the umbrella of Hezbollah. This part will be demonized and warried by what some label "international community", "free world" and "civilized world", while we (HA) consider them as Zion sphere of influence, the devil representatives and their stooges, with in top position USA and Israel.

    The question here mainly concerns the parts that don't want to be under the umbrella of Hezbollah: Are these parts allowed to remain aside, or are they forced to engage themselves against Hezbollah?

    Logically, these are the possible answers:
    • No it can not. And I am with Hezbollah.
    • No it can not. And I am against Hezbollah.
    • Yes it can. And I am with Hezbollah.
    • Yes it can. And I am against Hezbollah.
    • Yes it can. And I am with remaining aside (حياد).
    In our (HA) vision, it is happening very soon that every human being shall be forced to abide by Zion dictates otherwise he will be the target of Zion demonization and war. And concerning the Lebanese, the occurrence of this time is just happening now.