Massive Explosion in Beirut | 04-08-2020


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these must make their own country outside Lebanon of course


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el akh @elAshtar is on steroids at the moment...

however, a word of wisdom... one should not create enemies needlessly
many over history have done that by overconfidence in their power, but in the end, we all know what was the result.

Ali Hassan Khalil does not deserve all of this fuss if he is asked to reply to questions.
As Jamil el Sayyed said, even the American technical report didn't point to HA.
So no need to exaggerate the issue beyond what is it about.

but it seems, it is not a matter of Ali Hassan Khalil because we can all agree he didn't bring the nitrate himself.
The story is to let everyone knows who is the boss, and how should we be dealing with him from now on.

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Peace is not the issue, we don't have the option to have peaceful relations with an empire that seeks to undermine us as people and nations. The real issue is that the same ones who feign resistance are in cahoots with the imperialists and are playing a really dirty game.

That's beside the point Fris. I'm looking at things internally.

sha3b badda clean water, electricity, good infrastructure and good standard of living, not mokawame, wars, conspiracies, geopolitical nonsense and mozaharat against the judge. Sha3b wants to be able to trade freely (we are traders by nature).

Look at how the state of jnoub is in at the moment because of the thone2e, it's embarrassing bas ahmma shi el sharaf wol mokawame.


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so yea take your time. 5 years , 50 years....
meanwhile who cares about people. Jabal is wise enough

Bla bla bla... everyone is appreciating the President's stand even his worst oppoenents except some mab3ousin

Not sure why you want to be one mab3ous

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Ali Hassan Khalil because we can all agree he didn't bring the nitrate himself.
Maybe he did or is getting money for it being brought there, or even knows who is making money and HA does not want him to say, maybe that is why they are on the defensive.