Massive Explosion in Beirut | 04-08-2020


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Tayyouneh right now. :cigar:


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Bro as much as you try to diver what's happening it will not work.

This is a sample of ouwet how they bark all day but when $hit hit down, first to run and leaving Christians behind

That's why we always look for reasoning not hawbara than leaving us under someones mercy


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FPM = ally of a terrorist organization that protects the corrupt and obstructs justice.
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Keep lying and seeing only Sakr out all this mess. khalikoun heike. mabtefhamo 2ela heike whats happening aslan. khalik man khalik. 😂

The guy have 20T the same Nitrate as the Port without army knowledge and authority

A guy from MTFEE confessed he transfered Nitrate from the Port

And the Judge ma 3azzab 7alo investigate with them

Why? Is he politicized?


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Ghassan Saoud

‏ارادها جعجع حربا.
لكن، اطمئنوا، لن تكون حربا.

سيعود التحقيق إلى اساس الموضوع: من كان يستورد نيترات، ومن كان يسرق نيترات، ومن كان يوصل نيترات إلى الجماعات التكفيرية في جرود عرسال.
وسيلقى جعجع ما يستحق.
الطرف الاقوى، لا الأضعف، يحدد ما إذا كانت ستكون حربا او لا
ولا، لن تكون حربا