Members you miss!



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Many members that we miss that are not showing up from long time:

-Mona lisa
-4u2mi18 (P)
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  • Libnene Qu7

    Libnene Qu7

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    Orange Room Supporter
    Bullet Magnet and Bhodi are long gone.

    The forum lacks valuable input from Mey, Iceberg, and Taifoon.
    orange infection

    orange infection

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    there's also spawn of chtulu :biggrin: he's long time gone
    also nadnoud who's still a member of the staff , it's like she disappeared


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    Spawn of cthullu is greatly missed by all those who appreciated his talented wit. May he find peace and eternal happiness wherever he may lurk in the internet.
    Red Phoenix

    Red Phoenix

    Legendary Member
    hey, there was guy with hot chicks always in his avatar pics

    NASR from ALLAH... something

    ah i miss those pics..


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    Bullet Magnet, Spawn of Cthullu, Mey and METALLICA.

    Posters of great value, I hope they will come back and post regularly.