mjaddara or mdardara?

mjaddara or mdardara

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which is which?

the one that feels like you ate camion ba7es after eating it (dry rice and lentils with fried onion on top) is called mjaddara? or mdardara?

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    this thread will tell us min aslo soureh w min pure lebanese blood

    in Lebanon we call it mdardara :rock:

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    according to the higher authorities, this is still mjaddara. personally i dont call it mjaddara unless it goes through the moulin. but it seems this is not the norm.

    mdardara is like mjaddara, but not fully cooked. so there is no way to tell without tasting.

    mjaddara can be msaffeye (AKA moulinee :tongue:) w mish msafeye which will appear like the one in the picture above.

    it is all very confusing. :huh:


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    In the south we cook Mjaddara Hamra (extremely delicious).
    Ma fi de3e 2oul inna atyab min hole il tnein illi fo2 :rolleyes:

    Seriously try it with Zaatar akhdar salad, un delice royal, celeste ...

    Here is a recipe (I didn't read it, but the taste should not be very different than the traditional one)
    Lentil and Bulgur porridge (Mujaddara Hamra)

    Back to the question , Mjaddara for me is the one with rice (mich mat7ouneh).
    The other one, (il mat7ouneh) , I know it but we are not used to it, so I can't qualify it by any name (my friends from the mountain, call it mjaddara, so ...)


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    In cook books it's called mdardara. We call it mjaddara. The story goes as such: In the past, men found that 'mdardara' sounded mna3na3a, while the one spelled with a 'j' and double 'd' sounded more rough. To prove their manhood and create a reputation, they started using it in front of other men as they shouted onto their wives with '3melilna sa7n mJaDDaRa ya mara!'. The tradition was passed from father to son, and hence all still call it mjaddara now.

    Whether mjaddara or mdardara, it's a horrible dish. Possibly the worst after fatty meat.