Mouhafaza if Keserwan and Jbail ; is it the beginning of a Crusader federation in Lebanon

Do you support a federal Lebanon

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I haven't a clue...
this is the first time i hear of this lol
yeh bro
akkar became a province

but i dont think nothing has been done yet but the law has been done and approved as a province. they had a meeting with ali khalil 5 days ago about it.
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  • Aoune32!


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    a federal lebanon is nearly in place aslan. each sect is trying to have a province from baalbeck-hermel, akkar, jbeil-keserwen. next will be aley-chouf and i am assuming after that the 4 christian districts will become a province in north leaving tripoli with minnieh and dinnieh.

    once all of this is done and done quickly we will see a mouhafaz in each province with their own rules and laws. its already started. jbeil and keserwen is a major one as they will have a christian mouhafez in a mount lebanon which normally the mouhafez from the ottomon area is a sunni.


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    0630E024-0F35-4505-A224-45D564ECEC93.png the issue is that the spread of the christians on the land. this is where each party was spread geographically in 2018.
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    Robin Hood

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    The best way to achieve federalism in Lebanon is to not use the term "federalism" because it seems to bring back bad memories.