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Nadine Njeim Just Went Full Retard


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To a HA reporter, I would advice against it :D

If HA exists, it is because it has the support of (some of) the Lebanese to exist as a resistance against foreign aggression. The day it starts interfering in people's private lives is the day that support vanishes, and along it, this little minion's job and salary :)

Yes. My other job is to put people in their place. In this case, in the broom closet :p


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Which of the 2 Nadine Njeims is this one ? the photos wont show.

Fi we7de mastouleh w fi we7de ktir salbe.

Edit: Ok I just saw Pierre's Video and its the mastouleh one. As expected.

Elvis left the building

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never heard of her

nice necrobump tho

1-who cares what she says
2-she cant send women 100 years back when the entire country is 10 000 years back
2-who cares about who cares about such matters
3-everybody is too sensitive from all sides about gender issues
4-men arent superior to women, nor women to men. hamsters are superior to both tho
4-i appreciate the word retarded being used here by @Impera to flare emotions up triggering @loubnaniTO hehe
5-she's hot under all these layers and foundations of makeup
6-i cant number a bullet list right