Nawaf Salam: Who is he? His track record; Acceptable as PM by the true 7irak?

Nawaf Salam: Acceptable as PM by the true 7irak?

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I can reluctantly accept Salam as the least of two evils as long as he shows understanding of the Lebanese situation on the ground and accepts and supports GMA’s conditions.
Great. I think he should work with PMA and together form a government that PMA is happy with too. I think he should give mumena3a 1/3 + 1 to they can sack the gov anytime, except use ministers of state to do that, and for sure ministers related to Economy/Finance/Infrastructure/Law should be independent technocrat. A simple formula to save the poor country.
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    ya Daya3an 'l7ebr spent on this thread.
    This thread is dedicated to discuss Nawaf Salam who is an obscure person to many of us ahead of time in case he becomes the nominee.
    At this time we need to be prudent with our choices. We need an educated reaction not an emotional one.
    His past is not enough to build a final decision on him. We must find out what he stands for today because most people learn from their own mistakes overtime if/when they make them.
    I’m willing to listen to him and give him the benefit of the doubt.
    I’d also appreciate if we hear some facts about the guy.