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    Iron Maiden

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    yeah I noticed, he drinks @Iron Maiden beer too
    isn't that supposed to be Mounkarat ?
    so how for long have u been visiting stalking the forum before making ur account?


    New Member
    I have something in mind, give it some time lol
    I know you take your "job" seriously but, but, you should know
    that I come here whenever I have something "useful" to say.
    Well, a long time ago, This used to be a nice place ... however, something has drastically changed
    ever since the FPM rose to power and many changes took place inside this party's structure and ideals,
    which had a direct impact on the policies of this forum and the behavior of some of its members.

    You see, being an affiliated member of any (sectarian) political party in Lebanon has its materialistic opportunities
    and benefits but, but, it turns you to a brainless slave who isn't allowed to freely speak their mind without handling
    the consequences and with time .. as deep as you become committed, you lose sense of right and wrong and thereof,
    you lose sense of justice and the freedom of speech and even thought.

    you could, ban me now, but I'll always come when I have something to say and you won't be able to stop me from doing so.
    you have your tools and I have mine. Maybe not many members have the same tactics I have, but the newly black and white policy
    is more detrimental to this forum and to your political party than my meaningful interventions.