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I would like to know more about the FPM and my friend recommend this website
Entered his profile, showed he is viewing FPM electoral program 2005
Finally an honest member here :lol:
This website will help you get the facts straight about FPM’s position and work when it is attacked in the media through debate with the members here, there is no centralized thread that explains everything about FPM and the electoral program is outdated as the circumstances have changed and is unachievable with the insufficient amount of support FPM has at this stage

The Bidenator

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Let me explain my name since a lot of you (actually 1, multiplied it by 10 in my head) are saying it's shitty!
By meaning: refers to being a Lebanese, the aouneh kind
By phonetics: imagine an elderly in a day3a saying Lebanon: Lebnawoun --> made it Lebnaouneh which is close enough so that it refers to the meaning above
Pretty cool no? :cool::lol:
My previous nickname was shittier!
(Is there a thread to explain nicknames? Should there be one? It would be interesting!)
Thanks for explaining your username. Now I know for a fact that I don't like you 😛.

What was your previous nickname?